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 Studio sale update: I’ve had to postpone the sale, so it’s not happening tomorrow (Saturday). Rescheduling for early June—stay tuned for details. ⚡️
 Hollywood Hills detail and yep the blur is real. The full piece is 48 x 60”
 Hey Minneapolis! Next weekend on Saturday May 26th I’ll have my studio open from noon until 4pm. I’ll be selling every single painting I’ve got and there will be very good deals. ⚡️ Stop by say hi and grab one! Vandalia Tower #fieldofficestudio
 This little painting on paper will be one of many at the studio sale I’m having in a couple of weeks. Can’t imagine adding one more thing to the list but I’ve got to clean house!
 I’m usually a painting purist but somehow I’ve accumulated an untold amount of tracing paper so it’s making appearances in previously unknown ways. #fieldofficestudio
 Check out my Hollywood Hills fabric on @maatmonsmpls fanny packs! Get one next Saturday at the @labmpls Collective pop up sale!!