Rebecca Silus is a multimedia artist whose work encompasses painting, textile design, drawing, and video.

Projects and Collaborations

Behind the Scenes

 Exciting news here! I’ve been awarded a grant from the MN State Arts Board to work on a graphic novel based on my great aunt’s journal from 1921. She was 19 years old at the time and an entrepreneur who fully participated in the free spirit of the era. It’s also dark and sad. This is probably my most ambitious project to date and I’m so happy to have this backing and support. ❤️ #hazel1921  I designed these florals + mockup for @fieldofficestudio Stationery set mockup is available at fieldofficesupply.com!
 Meeting @maatmonsmpls for lunch @bullshorn on Sunday and drawing at the bar with pretty high on the winter ✨ list.  A number of lovely summer evenings spent at @tinydiner this year. Don’t want the warm to end.
 Learning new skills ✨  Completed chalkboard wall signage for @greatergoodsmn!
 Balcony is on sale via my website. I painted this in Berlin—if you’ve ever been there/lived there you might recognize those balconies. Thanks to everyone who’s purchased something so far!   Summer hangouts now include @patstapmpls #fieldofficeillustration
 My North Shore Drawing Club map for @theydrawandtravel! #illistration #illustrationartists #illustratorsoninstagram #illustratorsofinstagram #illustratedmap #onlyinmn #handlettering #minnesota #lutsenminnesota #travel #travelillustration  Commission for @kraus.anderson before it left for install last week. ⚡️ My proposal was to create an abstract landscape that represents the company’s century-long history constructing iconic buildings in the state.
 Austin, MN, 1921. I’ll meet you at the cigar factory between the tin shop and the undertaker.  So many old Minneapolis haunts disappeared or changed while I was away. But not Bev’s! Two good summer nights here this week with @maatmonsmpls #fieldofficeillustration
 I’m having an online studio sale! Everything is priced to move from large to small—there are little works on paper as well as oversized paintings on canvas including this aerial view of the Hollywood Hills. Link in profile ⚡️  If we can’t r&r on a paddleboard together, this works too. ✨
 Florals created for a @fieldofficestudio mockup. I love drawing “on” these mockups as part of my design process—it gives me new ideas and a better sense of proportions and color. ⠀  Swing by today (Friday) from 4–7 or Saturday noon–4pm to say hello and grab one of these guys! Studio 216. #fieldofficestudio
 Retooling the North Shore Drawing Club map today.  Hey Minneapolis! Join me this weekend Friday 4–7pm and Saturday noon–4pm for carousing and some huge discounts on paintings. I’m clearing this space out and would love to find good homes for everything large and small! Studio 216, address above!
 Summer highlight: drawing on the rocks with @betsyruthbyers  Studio sale update: I’ve had to postpone the sale, so it’s not happening tomorrow (Saturday). Rescheduling for early June—stay tuned for details. ⚡️