Berlin Video Diaries Vol 2

The Berlin Video Diaries were a weekly report from Berlin. They work as a compilation of unscripted moments that form a layered portrait of time and place.

San Francisco

The West Coast version of the video diaries.

Little Things About Berlin

Before leaving on a four-month tour, I made a little video about all of the things I’d miss about the city.

Berlin Flora

Berlin’s green spaces tend to be left alone to grow wild. This is a little look at the wilderness in the city and an attempt to identify some of the plant life growing in between the cracks.

Berlin Video Diaries Vol 1

Beginning in January 2011, the project ran for 28 weeks with one video posted online every Monday. Using an iPhone and a dslr camera, I was interested in filming lo-fi, unscripted moments that could be edited together as a layered portrait of a time and place.