Field Office


Design a travel app that reflects the slow travel spirit of the Field Office brand.


A travel app that encourages users to engage in thoughtful experiences wherever they may be.


Visual Design
Art Direction


Sketch, Photoshop

How It Started

Manola Suvannarad is owner and maker at Maat Mons, where she creates bags and other soft goods out of unique materials. She asked me to shoot a brand video for her studio that showed her thoughtful, hand made process.

Over the course of two days, I shadowed her at her studio in Northeast Minneapolis. Using a Sony Alpha full frame camera, I was able to be quick and nimble in her small space that is filled with a number of machines. We faced several challenges in post-production with the interview portion of the piece, ultimately decided to use music instead of a voiceover and include a simply story told via text overlaid on the image. Not only did this solution align with the spirit of the project, but it also made the video friendlier for social media.

Delta Airlines

Ux, Visual design
Delta Airlines

Travel App

Ux, Visual design
Travel App