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I collaborated with Nerida Hansen’s agency to develop a fabric collection for her brand and produce original patterns for companies in the home decor, fashion, and paper markets.

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Pattern Design Process

I typically developed patterns as a collection. I’d start by gathering images from my research library. Sometimes I would have a theme in mind and sometimes they wouldn’t become clear until a group of images told a story together.

Usually I would try to distill the group into a manageable number of images that told a story but also represented an interesting color palette. The final artifact at this stage is a moodboard that would be a reference point for the rest of the  design process.


At the sketching stage, I make a list of all of the objects and words that relate to the theme of the moodboard. From there I research images to use for reference and begin sketching. Because patterns are made from individual images, or icons, I’m usually drawing different versions of the same object to find the strongest icon.


When exhibiting at Heimtextil and Surtex, I designed two lookbooks that presented my work in collections. Each collection contained swatches with the corresponding file name for easy reference. Mockups showing examples of the patterns on a variety of products.

Hollywood Hills Fabric Collection

My Hollywood Hills fabric collection was developed for Nerida Hansen’s textile brand. Based on my abstract paintings, design only repeated on the ends and was designed to look different with every cut. The collection was available internationally for a limited time.

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