Monicat Data

Monicat Data provides data consulting for creative organizations and businesses. They wanted to develop a SaaS platform that would automate some of their services for small creative teams and individuals.

The Situation

As a data consultancy focused on helping creative organizations and businesses leverage their date, Monicat Data identified an opportunity to bring its services to a wider audience with a SaaS platform. The challenge lay in replicating their current approach, which involves in-person engagement to customize the approach for each client.

Our Solution

Translating Monicat’s services to an automated approach was the most challenging aspect of the project. After a first round of discovery research, concepting, and testing, my team identified the need to offer users education and friendly guidance about how to use their data at a variety of touchpoint within the site. The result is approachable, modular, and meets users wherever they are at.

My Role

• Synthesized information from interviews and discovery research to develop design and content strategy for initial user testing.

• Concepted features that translated consulting process into automated services.

• Designed high fidelity wireframes to communicate concepts.

Comparative Research
Interactive Prototyping
Usability Testing
Kano Analysis
High Fidelity Wireframes
Interactive Prototypes
Annotated Wireframes

Initial Research

In addition to interviews with stakeholders and experts, we performed a competitive audit of comparable sites. Since Monicat consults individually with each of its clients, the most challenging aspect of this stage was getting an understanding of their process and what a typical case study was for each individual type of client.

Monicat also provided us with some low fidelity wireframes from which I began designing the first concept screens for our first round of user testing.

Concept Screens

I needed to immediately begin designing high fidelity wireframes  in Sketch. It was the only way to test Monicat’s concept with users—their creative backgrounds most likely meant that aesthetics and content would play a large factor in their response to the idea.

• Clear and approachable language to explain how creatives can leverage their data

• Language is clear and conversational

• Abstract images evoke creativity and possibility

• A short video demonstrates core functionality

• Feature cards are modular—users can customize tools for their needs

• Calling out past clients builds trust when asking users to upload data

• Multiple case studies speak to a variety of users

User Testing

Our research protocol involved a combination of determining what resonated with users in terms of value. Users were unfamiliar with the possibilities data holds for their businesses—we wanted to see what would excite them and get them to sign up for and use the service.

User testing session
Feature cards

Unifying Goals

After interviewing users and synthesizing the research, we drafted a set of unifying goals to guide further design decisions.

  • Make data approachable.

  • Meet users where they are.

  • Provide help along the way.

  • Show what is possible.

  • Build trust with users.

Feature Buildout

Customizable dashboard allows users to easily view multiple data inputs, as well as access core features.

  • Customize feature lets users emphasize what is important to them

  • Add New adds features designed to echo Monicat’s one-on-one services 

  • Suggestions highlight new Recipes to show what is possible

  • Learn supports ongoing data education for all users

Next Steps

Moving forward, our recommendations include further testing to better understand how to structure a freemium to premium model and how to bundle services and features accordingly.

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