Gaard One

High tech outdoor gear that conserves the land it helps users explore.


Gaard One specializes in modular, high tech outdoor gear. Its multi-generational stakeholders share a love of the outdoors, which is why they recently made the decision to pivot to a 1:1 business model. Known as Spend One, Gaard One, the company conserves one square foot of land for every dollar spent.

Stakeholders were excited to make a move that aligned their business with their values—but also unsure about how to clearly communicate their mission and what strategy their business should follow as it moves forward.


My Role

• Collaborated with a team of four ux designers to develop a multi-touchpoint design strategy for the company.
• Designed interactive profile pages, maps, and blog for the website.
• Developed a content strategy across social media platforms.
• Wrote and designed an implementation roadmap.

Deep Dive
Implementation Roadmap
Strategy Map
Axure RP
Design Strategy
Video Presentation
Prototype Package
Strategy Implementation Map

Understanding the real target market

A deep dive into Gaard One’s current strategy, customer base, and competitors provided us with three insights:

1. Gaard One needs to narrow its target market.

2 out of 3 target markets were not as significant as they thought and were the least likely to be interested in its mission of land conservation.

2. Gaard One’s actual target market is likely to be enthusiastic about its mission—but wouldn’t base their purchasing decision on that alone.

Young, urban professionals are environmentally conscious but still put gear performance first when deciding what to buy.

3. Quality + unique tech features are the most important factor when customers decide to make a purchase.

That their purchase dollars would also save a specific patch of land is considered a feel-good bonus.

Getting the lay of the land.

Stand out with unique products and a strong voice as a leader in conservation

Our strategy builds on the touchpoints Gaard One already has in place, which include a presence at trade shows, an e-commerce website, and social media channels.

We developed a content strategy that stars the gear on a conservation backdrop as well as two new touchpoints that aim to make Gaard One a leading voice in conservation issues through strategic partnerships.

My strategy sketch

Developing the touchpoints

Ciaran Daly recording music for the client video presentation
Working on social media touchpoints

Wrapping it all up: video presentation and prototype package

Product tags/DEED by Alex Nee | App prototypes by me
YouTube content strategy by Ciaran Daly

Moving Forward

With clarity around who to talk to and what kind of story to tell, I created an implementation roadmap that gives Gaard One a framework for next steps as well as a way to evaluate whether the companies goals are being met.

Implementation Map
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