New features for an app that helps hourly employees
and their managers make the most of their time.

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The Branch app is a tool for employers and employees working in industries that rely on hourly employment. Challenges in this space include shift schedules that change on a weekly basis and financial needs that often require workers to juggle multiple jobs. 

Branch has already carved out a unique space for itself in the field of workforce management. Its employee-focused approach includes features that enable more schedule flexibility and financial support with no-interest instant pay ability. Stakeholders approached us to expand the app’s feature set.

My Role

• Synthesized information from the competitive audit and stakeholder interview to create a user journey map.

• Developed feature proposals that were submitted to the dev team for scoping.

• Analyzed the results of a Kano survey to create a second iteration of high fidelity prototypes and annotated wireframes.

• Built interactive prototypes with Axure

Competitive Audit
Stakeholder Interview
User Journey Map
Annotated Wireframes
Kano Analysis
Tech Scoping
Interactive Prototypes
User Journey Map
Annotated Wireframes
Axure RP
Design Sprint
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Our approach

With the encouragement of our stakeholder, we approached the problem space with vision to move beyond the well-worn path of workforce management.

Journey mapping

After the team’s competitive audit of the existing workforce management space, I created a journey map to better understand how Branch users currently interact with the app and what might further enrich their experience.

This revealed opportunities within the existing app, which is where I began prototyping.

My sketch for the journey map
My digitized version of the journey map

Rapid Prototyping and Dev Scoping

After the first round of rapid prototyping, the product owner and developer met with us to scope the proposed features. Although most features were within the budget range, only 3–4 features would be feasible.

Narrowing down the features we would present to users was difficult. The team chose a set of 11 that could be taken in a few possible directions.

What the users had to say

A Kano survey based on the 11 prototypes was sent out to current Branch users. We received responses from employees and managers, which gave us a good sense for how each feature was perceived from both sides.

A great idea! I like this one because it takes management out of the picture in this scenario. Love it!

Feature Buildout

Based on Branch’s business goals and user feedback collected by the team, I designed four new features to enhance the existing app.

Feature 1

Helps employees get what they need without manager involvement.

Feature 2

Overviews that benefit employees and managers alike.

Feature 3

Tools that utilize Branch’s existing data.

Feature 4

Options for employees and employers to expand their reach.

Feature 1

Features 2 & 3

Feature 4


This case study is
password protected.
Please contact me
if you would like access.