Pushing patterns around this morning next to an open window with a lake breeze blowing through it.  LA  #fieldofficethumbnails
 Hey Minneapolis people! This piece is included (and for sale!) in the @rosalux_gallery 15 year anniversary show. May 13–28. Reception Saturday May 13, 7–10pm.  Buildings in the Kopenhagener Str. #fieldofficesketchbook #berlin
 New! 6 x 6 in oil on gessoboard
 #fieldofficethumbnails  Loving these fresh early mornings with the windows open. ✨
 Driveway, Los Angeles #fieldofficethumbnails  Hello Monday. Drew a lot of faces this weekend. #fieldofficesketchbook
  #fieldofficesketchbook  Happy weekend! Sat outside last night for the first time this year! ✨
 It's a holiday in Germany today. And even though I've been working at my desk all day, it still does have that holiday feeling in the air.   From the January 6, 1921 classifieds in the Mpls Star Tribune. I hoped to find the person's name and occupation in the city directory, but apartment numbers aren't listed for the hotel. Also $1500 = $18,700 today. #fieldofficesketchbook
   Transcribing my great aunt's journal from 1921. There are lots of goodies inside: portable Victrolas, nights out to the (silent) movies, and she was buddies with the guy who invented Spam. #fieldofficesketchbook
 Nye's had a 67 year run before closing last year. The kind of place where the lady who presided over the piano bar started when she was 31 and was still there 49 years later. A favorite memory is watching a roommate from Iowa dance a mean polka with an elderly gentleman to a live band.  Adventures in painting on paper. Closer up of the far left one on @fieldoffice #fieldofficethumbnails
 Blueberry doodle.  #fieldofficethumbnails