Decisions decisions decisions   Best thing about operating a nomadic painting studio for several years: paring supplies down to absolute essentials.
 Thanks to everyone who bought a print or an original this month! Sending this one off to the framer today before it goes to its forever home! @laurensilus  Pushing patterns around this morning next to an open window with a lake breeze blowing through it.
 Problem solving.  Hey Minneapolis people! This piece is included (and for sale!) in the @rosalux_gallery 15 year anniversary show. May 13–28. Reception Saturday May 13, 7–10pm.
 It's been sooo long since I truly doodled with complete mindless abandon and then this last night.  New! 6 x 6 in oil on gessoboard
 I've got a few new small originals on canvas and on paper available in the shop. Link in profile. ⚡️#fieldofficethumbnails  #fieldofficethumbnails
 Been having fun making stretched canvas prints  Driveway, Los Angeles #fieldofficethumbnails
 New print in the shop!   #fieldofficesketchbook
 Finally—original paintings in the shop! 6 x 6" on Gessobord. Link in profile or go to #fieldofficethumbnails  It's a holiday in Germany today. And even though I've been working at my desk all day, it still does have that holiday feeling in the air.
 New print in the shop: Nye's Polonaise Room. After 66 years in business, the beloved Minneapolis piano bar, polka dance floor, and restaurant closed its doors in 2016. Shop link in profile.
 I started a comic about the past called @aforeigncountry and broke down the 1920s barn dance scene for the second installment. Read it at!  Nye's had a 67 year run before closing last year. The kind of place where the lady who presided over the piano bar started when she was 31 and was still there 49 years later. A favorite memory is watching a roommate from Iowa dance a mean polka with an elderly gentleman to a live band.